Long Way Home FREE Monday and Tuesday

 [Cover of Long Way Home: A Ficlet Novelette by T.F. Torrey] Well, it’s July 4th, and fireworks are coming. We are officially halfway done with 2016, and so far this year I’ve only released one book. I need to pick up the pace. Fortunately, it’s a good book, and even better, it’s FREE Monday and Tuesday at Amazon.com.

As you may recall, Long Way Home tells the story of a middle-aged man who skips out on his life and goes east to try to reconnect with the past he left behind. It is literary fiction about life, grown older, potential and opportunities, regret, and redemption.

The book is unique in that each scene is a ficlet, which is a unit of of fiction no more that 1024 characters, which is about 200 words. That doesn’t mean it’s not a full story, though. It has 52 scenes across 24 chapters in 4 parts. Each scene is boiled to its essence, but the story is full and satisfying.

If you haven’t read Long Way Home yet, this is your big chance. Free book promotions are no longer part of my strategy, and this is only happening because of a quirk in the calendar, so don’t miss out. Get it today!