WIP: Still Migrating

I need to get back to work. Almost there.


After another late night, got a late start to the day. Got in the Miracle Morning routine and some food, then rushed off to run a poker tournament. Managed to tweak my back doing that. That chewed up a big chunk of the day. Back at home, relaxed with the family. Late at night, got to work completing my code porting. It’s kind of more work than I planned on, mostly because the existing code was a spaghetti mess because I didn’t know then what I wanted to do. I do now, but it’s just a matter of a few more hours to get everything running gain.

My writing business needs more writing. However, I know from recent experience that after I get this code ported I won’t have to touch it again in any significant way for months or more. Maybe that will be worth it.