Bibliomania 99 Cents This Weekend

 [Cover of Bibliomania: A Novelette by T.F. Torrey] As part of my outreach strategy, Bibliomania is now the free book readers get when they subscribe to my mailing list. Nevertheless, many people received a different free book for joining, and maybe some people who already got it would like to get it integrated with the system of their favorite reader. Or maybe someone wants to get it without joining my mailing list. For all these people, whatever the reason, Bibliomania is 99 cents everywhere this weekend.

Incidentally, I read an interesting article today about systems fiction, which is kind of science fiction that illustrates or explores the results of different political or technological systems. I think Bibliomania fits really well into that description, and I hope to write more books like soon.

Don’t miss out, and as always, tell your friends!

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