WIP: Offense and Defense

Planning offense seems natural for a writing business. Planning defense, not so much.


In the morning, I went over my plans for going forward, looking for more ways to be both independent and resilient.

In the afternoon, I had my regular weekly business/marketing meeting. That ran long, because it took me time to run through all the developments of the past week and to go over my plans for going forward. In the end, I felt good about the plans. I feel that I’m in a stronger position than I was a week ago when I found out I was vulnerable. I haven’t gotten much writing done in the past week, but survival takes priority.

In the evening, I finished porting my working utilities to my new/old system, and they are even better than before. What’s next is to port the changes to the publishing utilities back to the old system so that I can continue those activities. What will remain after that is to migrate my files (back) to Org. There is no rush to do that, however, especially given how suddenly and completely I change my mind on the issue sometimes.

What I really need to get do, however, is to get back to Vampires Versus Comicon.