WIP: Iterated, Optimizing

I was reluctant at first, gun-shy after the time I wasted in the past, but the more I re-Org, the more I love.


When my daughter was a few weeks old, I could work on my laptop with her sleeping in the crook of my arm. I miss that. Lately I’ve been working while sitting on the end of the couch, and she has taken to sitting next to me and leaning on me while she watches PBS Kids shows or something. I will miss that, too. During the day I worked to get my affairs in order (more on that below), and in the evening I ran a poker tournament.

Back To Basics

During the day I continued to change enough of my files (back) to Org to do my current work. However, I also decided to make another major change (back) that I’ve been considering: from IMAP e-mail to RMail, the basic mail client in Emacs.

The way things have been, I have no hope of getting my e-mail caught up any time soon, and no hope of staying caught up even if I could, apart from spending hours a day managing e-mail. I have literally been deleting tens or hundreds of e-mails unread every few days because it’s too much.

RMail should make that better.

With RMail, I can be caught up in a couple hours, and I will be able to stay caught up in only 30 minutes a day or so.

When I decided to move my e-mail out of RMail, I thought that using GMail or IMAP e-mail would allow me to be more productive because I could manage my e-mail on my phone, a tablet, or any old computer. However, while that was true, it turned out that the process was so much less efficient that the result was a net loss. In other words, I could process mail anywhere, but that process and those tools added up to more time than processing it in RMail a couple times a day. Much more.

You may have noticed, as I have, that none of my recent activity has produced any books, chapters, or even words. Hopefully the changes I’ve made will let me better manage my schedule and focus my efforts.

No more changes, dammit.