WIP: Re-Org-anizing

Remember those times when I kept changing my file format and ultimately I wished I could quit doing it because I felt like I was wasting my time (and losing my mind)? Yeah. That again.


There are a few weeks left until kindergarten starts, so I do not begrudge days I get to spend with my daughter, even though they are less than as productive as they could be. The Miracle Morning routine helps, and staying up late gets me quiet time. Too bad those two things are opposed.

Coming Around Again

Before I get too crazy berating myself for changing my mind, it helps to remember the context of how I got here. In the past, I had all my files in Org mode in Emacs, and all my e-mail in RMail in Emacs, and all was good. However, all production took place only on my computer. When I got a smartphone, I wanted to be productive with it. I thought that if I moved my email to IMAP, my website to WordPress, and maybe some spreadsheets to Google Docs, and my task and project tracking to some solution that would materialize, I could be productive from anywhere, with the side benefit of simplifying my book format. I gave that a try.

Unfortunately, it did not work out. Gui e-mail clients are so unproductive for managing e-mail that I’m hundreds of e-mails behind, and it would take days to catch up with no real benefit. When my spreadsheets or other work is in online apps, it takes much more mental energy to keep track of everything, and surely little details slip through anyway, and I hate not having my files on my own computer where I can control and secure them. Having my access to my own files depend on whether someone else, in their sole discretion, thinks I’m abiding by their rules, is INSANE. The current situation with Amazon is a glaring warning against that. And though my work is not particularly complicated as work goes, I still know of no solution that helps to organize and track it as well as what I had before. Nothing even comes close. And, given the ambitions I have and the threats in the environment, I need something that works.

So, I’m going back to [[http://www.orgmode.org/][Org mode] for my organizing, planning, tracking, and as the source for all my documents. It’s a non-trivial task, but I’ve done it enough that I have the notes and backups to make it pretty painless. And I’m just taking small steps for now in case I change my mind in a few days, but so far it’s working out very well.

It feels kind of like being wishy-washy or unable to make up my mind, but I don’t see it that way. I tried a change, it didn’t work as I hoped it would, and I’m reversing that change. My work is important. I can’t afford to pay the penalty of poor organization or inefficient handling, and I sure can’t afford to let things fall through the cracks. It’s the right thing to do, and it has to be done.

But I really should be writing chapters.