WIP: I’m Missing Something

What I would really like to do is to figure out how to make days like this more productive without staying up late.


Once again, I was with my daughter all day. My daughter is a wonderful person, and I love spending time with her. But. My work (seems to?) demand high levels of concentration, levels higher than can be achieved in the presence of someone who doesn’t seem yet capable of leaving someone else alone for 25-90 minutes and not who only needs to talk but needs to be listened to.

I think I’m missing something: I feel like there is some way I just don’t know of to achieve the required level of concentration for the necessary time, but I’m at a loss. If anyone could recommend a book or a website or even just a strategy or a tip, I would sure appreciate it. A schedule of productive solitude is nice, but a work method that gets results in adverse conditions rules.

I started the day with the Miracle Morning routine, and it was great. I can tell that this changes everything, and I can’t recommend it enough.

Angel of Death

 [Cover of Angel of Death: A Victor Storm Novel by T.F. Torrey] Late in the evening (as always), I got some good work done on Angel of Death. I added the missing scenes, and they seem good enough. Even better, they give the thread a satisfactory end while simultaneously setting up possibilities for the future.

Then, late as it was, I felt a burst of energy and tried to get some of the proofreading done. I run the text through automated proofreaders to try to catch glaring things before sending it to other proofreaders for final checks. Unfortunately, the automated system was misbehaving, and I got tired, and it’s for tomorrow again.

Odd that, no matter what I get done, I always feel like I missed the mark and should have done more. I think I should try to feel good about what I do achieve rather than bad about what I don’t. Maybe.