WIP: Wow, What A Day

None of my plans for the day worked out. But, something even better happened.


With my wife and daughter across town for a play date, I had time to work on my stuff. There was some real work I wanted to get done, but first I wanted to address the nagging feeling I’ve had that I could be doing things better. So, once again, I looked at improving my schedule.

It was a crazy trip. I started by looking again at how I could incorporate a wake-up routine, and that got me thinking (somehow) that my daily schedule was beginning to resemble that of Benjamin Frankin, which I’d seen before. A quick Google search showed me that my projected best routine is almost exactly the same that Franklin used, so I played for that for a bit. Then I realized that Franklin allowed for ample time for his wake-up routine, which led my thoughts back to the Miracle Morning routine. I had been putting on YouTube videos in the background (which is terrible for productivity, but great for a lack of self-discipline), so I looked at a couple videos about Miracle Mornings inspired by Hal Elrod’s book. They seemed full of potential—like, producing something like actual miracles—so I looked more.

Then I found this video:

Hearing Hal’s amazing story, his rationale behind the Miracle Morning routine, and his specifics about how it is done, makes me determined to implement it for myself and positive that it will bring results. I can’t wait to get started.

Then, somehow, I found this page on maximizing the productivity of the work hours in my schedule using knowledge of ultradian rhythms, the Pomodoro Technique, and music scientifically optimized for focus.


It looks like one day of research and planning has found the keys to productivity that I’ve been missing for a long time. I am still amazed!

I am so lucky to live in a time when so much has been learned and it is so easy to share knowledge worldwide.

Angel of Death

 [Cover of Angel of Death: A Victor Storm Novel by T.F. Torrey] Late in the evening, I was finally able to tear myself from figuring out how to get stuff done to actually trying to get something done, and that showed me something else interesting. I need to send Angel of Death off to the proofreaders, but first I wanted to do some checks I thought of over the last week.

Good thing I did.

I found that one subplot, Victor’s interaction with his sister about the division of their parents’ estate, disappeared completely after Part 2. Um, no. That needs to be resolved. I started the work to add in two scenes to bring that thread to fruition, but I realized that those scenes have the potential to shade some of the surrounding scenes to bring things into better relief, as well as to foreshadow some of the drama of future books in the series. Then, I wanted to let my brain work on that for a bit before I write the scenes, so it will have to be done tomorrow.

All in all, it was a very good day.