WIP: Renewed Focus


I wrote yesterday of the kind of soul searching I’ve been doing since Comicon ended. Much good came from that. First, I’ve cleared my work of the extraneous bits that have crept into it over the past few months to refocus on the core elements of my writing business: writing good books, publishing them well, building my e-mail list, and running weekly promotions, and that’s it.

Also, when I looked at the schedule of immovable events that I want my book release schedule to fit into (things like Christmas), I realized that I have more production time than I thought. So, as long as I can meet my production goals, I can continue with my schedule unchanged. That means that Angel of Death will be released any day, I will keep working on Vampires Versus Comicon and release it next, followed by several of the secret projects I’ve been working on.

Finally, I updated my financial projections spreadsheet with new data I’ve learned, and I was surprised: my work is finally, unavoidably, incredibly, but undeniably, nearing a point of fruition, where I am making as much or more with my writing business as the job I left to pursue it. That sure has been a long time coming!

Game on!