WIP: Time To Reassess


Many of my project priorities for the past several months were based on the time of Comicon. Now, with that over, it is time to step back, look at my projects, examine how they fit into the world and how they fit into other dates, and figure out what to do next. Starting my day with the miracle morning routine was good for this, as it left me feeling alert and energized. And that was good, because as it turns out, I have a lot to consider.

My first thought is that I am behind in my work. Not hopelessly behind, but behind. Fortunately, I think the miracle morning routine will help with productivity, and I don’t think I have to postpone any projects. But, I’m still looking at everything.

Also, it seems to me that I’ve gotten distracted from what I decided are the core components of my writing business: writing good books, publishing them in the most effective way, building my e-mail list, and running weekly promotions. It seems that I need to let go of some of the ideas that have been obsessing me for the last several weeks, or at least postpone them.

Finally, I’ve been considering what Honoree Corder calls Short-Term Massive Actions, which she uses to mean efforts focused on a specific goal for a period of 100 days. That specific implementation doesn’t fit with the way I like to think about things, but I have been thinking lately about setting quarterly goals and outlining 13-week plans to achieve those goals, and I think I can apply her methods to my madness.

More on everything tomorrow.