WIP: 2016 Comicon Day 4


The last day of Comicon is always a little wistful and sad, because most of the great stuff is already in the past, some stuff is already over, and the last hours are roaring by. We arrived at Comicon bright and early. I had several panels I was interested in, and unfortunately, the one I chose got off topic quickly (and onto a topic I wasn’t interested in) and never got back on it. Next we attended two “spotlight” events featuring a couple TV celebrities, and they were both great. Afterward, we walked through the “Hall of Heroes” to see the big Lego city and some of the celebrities signing things for money. Finally, we tried to attend one of the last panels of Comicon, a behind-the-scenes view of the making of a webseries that seemed to have potential, but did not impress us. And then, it was over.

The first time I attended the Phoenix Comicon was four years ago, and it had 35,000 attendees, and all the registration, vendors, and celebrities were in the giant basement of the Convention Center. Last year, it was two and a half times bigger, over 75,000 attendees, the registration had been moved to another large area, the celebrities had been moved to the top floor and renamed the “Hall of Heroes”, and the vendors took up all the basement area. I don’t know how many people attended this year, but it was a lot. There were some glitches, but overall it was a lot of fun. I’m happy that we had the full-event passes, and we’ll have them again next year. I wonder how many people that will be.

By the time it was done, we were exhausted again. Walking 1.5 miles to parking in 110+ degrees takes something out of you. We got out in time to play in the big poker tournament at the George, but my in-person streak merely continued. Ceyshe’ had a big first hour, but ran out of steam when it was down to two tables. Grr. Next time…


In the end, I didn’t make any forward writing on my writing projects. However, I did pick up a copy of The Miracle Morning for Writers, and the first few chapters are great, possibly life-changing. (After that, the content drifts off-topic to general lists of the current dogma among self-publishers, which has nothing to do with morning routines and may be the opposite of useful, but whatever.) I found the main message of the book empowering, and I plan to kick it off tomorrow morning.

Goodbye, Comicon. Hello, miracles.

Get ready for greatness, Lloyd.