WIP: 2016 Comicon Day 3


Longest day of Comicon yet. We arrived before 10:30 in the morning for the first panels, and we stayed until after 8:30 at night. Though we could have stayed longer, that’s a lot of panels. It was the busiest day of Comicon, and everything was packed. The Billie Piper event was held in the largest hall, and apparently she didn’t see the hall before she came in through the back door, because she was surprised—and maybe a little frightened—to see the size of the crowd. I think she was expecting a few hundred people, but that room holds at least a few thousand—and it was packed.

Again we didn’t get the heat we were promised. The forecast was 117, and we only made it to 114. Bummer.

I’m not sure, but I think spending these days steeped in the atmosphere of Comicon will be helpful for finishing Vampires Versus Comicon. Anyway, being there has given me ideas for other projects, and I can’t wait to get back to them.

One more day.