WIP: 2016 Comicon Day 1


In the morning, I got a little work done. I’m still working to slog through joyfully write the opening scenes of Vamprires Versus Comicon, setting the stage for what will happen. It feels like a different kind of creative work, but I’m not sure it is. This kind of production always feels like extruding content from the top of the front of my brain. I bet that’s a fairly accurate description of the actual process.

Late in the morning, all production ground to a halt, because it’s Comicon time! My daughter dressed as Supergirl and I wore my “Film The Police — No racial profiling” T-shirt, and we both got good reactions. Thursdays used to be a kind ill-attended preview of the features, but this time it was all-out day one, with what must have been tens of thousands of attendees and all the merchants and a full day of panels and everything but celebrity appearances. We had a good time, but it wiped us out. When we got home, it was time to rest and relax and get ready for day two.