WIP: Here Come the Vampires


In the morning, I had my time and space to myself, and I was able to get some good work done. In the afternoon, my daughter came back, and she’s such a wonderful person that I was happy to be distracted with her, but still got some good work done. And in the evening, after an excellent dinner, I took care of some necessary tasks to keep my website running, then I got some more good work done.

Vampires Versus Comicon

 [Cover of Vampires Versus Comicon: A Novel by T.F. Torrey] Early into the day, I recognized two problems. First, Comicon does not start at nine in the morning. To address that, I changed the chronology of my plot, which was not as easy as simply changing numbers, but not too difficult. Next, I realized that I had incomplete details on the main villain, and I needed to figure that out to get the details right in the first few chapters. This took longer to flesh out, because it was difficult to come up with something plausible that worked in all the ways I needed it to. After too much thinking, I got something worked out, though the details (or more) might change before the end.

Then, finally, the words were flowing. It has been my experience that the opening chapters are always the slowest, because the characters, the setting, and the situation are all new the reader and have to be described at least enough to get going. The opening work here was no different, and though I did get a good chunk of work done, I did not get close to the eight chapters done that would have kept me on track.

It’s do or die for this challenge tomorrow.

However, I will note that this challenge was to develop and write a complete novel in only a week, and I’m not far off the mark. If in the end I don’t succeed in the challenge because it takes me two weeks to finish a great new book, that’s still pretty fucking awesome.

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  1. Hey, you’re right. I wonder how many others took that no comment thing like I did. I actually never paid attention to it on your page. I saw it on the post where I don’t believe it’s high-lighted.