WIP: I’d Be Embarrassed


My daughter is a wonderful little person, and I love spending days with her. She is so smart and creative. She’s awesome! And I got to spend all of today with her again. I’m so lucky. (Not being sarcastic.)

Almost my entire working day was sucked up trying to get the managed WordPress site working. Spoiler alert: their system is still not right.

Managed WordPress at Pressable

I had hoped that the remaining fixes would be easy and quick, and I’d have the site migrated first thing in the morning. Instead, the new installation doesn’t work, and they don’t know why, except that it might be because they are moving datacenters. The glitches in the site are random-looking, and while the ones I know of are annoying but not critical, I have no idea what other ones exist that I don’t know about. The people at VaultPress got their system fixed, but the people at Pressable still have no idea what is going on or how to fix it. They tried off and on throughout the day, and in the end still came up with nothing. Along the way, I had to give up on completing the move and back out the changes I’d made. I doubt this is representative of the quality of their service, but still, if I was on their end of this case, I’d be embarrassed.

Once again, I’m hoping that it will get resolved tomorrow, but I’m less confident than before.

Angel of Death

 [Cover of Angel of Death: A Victor Storm Novel by T.F. Torrey] I worked out some of the weirdness today. I had scenes that didn’t seem to fit anything, but today I figured out what they were doing. Turns out they were important! And I need a couple more of them. I’ve arranged a large chunk of dedicated time tomorrow, and I expect (and need) to have the book finished.

Daily Results

  • New fiction words: 0
  • Scenes completed: 0
  • Chapters completed: 0
  • Covers completed: 0
  • New weblog words: 325

Tomorrow. Period.