WIP: Business and Spring Rains Reimagined


Wow. The business part of my writing business got pretty shaken today. What started as a reasonably simple idea to host my own reviews has really caused me to reconsider my business and website. I’ve realized that many of the assumptions I’ve been using to decide what to do are no longer valid. Times, places, and situations have changed. Things that weren’t reasonable before are good ideas now. I think large changes are afoot, but I still have some deciding and talking to do.

And WOW! The writing part of my writing business got pretty shaken today as well, and in the end, Spring Rains may no longer be a thing.

Here’s how I got there.

Many years ago I wrote a serial called Crusader. One year, as part of a contest, I decided to write the origin story of the protagonist of that series, Victor Storm. That story became the novella Winter Kills. Then, I had the idea that Victor’s origin might span a whole year, four seasons, with books called Spring Rains, Summer Storms, and Autumn Cries to complete the set.

So, after many fits and starts, I got going on Spring Rains. As I went along, several problems began to emerge. For one, the book was big, as in, looking at 100,000 words big. It didn’t really seem to fit alongside Winter Kills, which is 25,000 words soaking wet. For another, the book had lots of main events, and to fit them all in, each was handled rather minimally. Another problem was that a few of the subplots only surfaced every few tens of thousands of words. Would anyone remember what they were about? Or care? With the size and scope of Spring Rains, I was afraid it might be about nothing. And there was still more I wanted to put in it. Is it any wonder that writing it was a struggle?

Over the past few days, I had some ideas for other books featuring Victor Storm. The new ideas had narrow scopes or action and thought, with the same fun recurring characters in the same settings. These seemed like fun books. Even better, they seemed like the kind of books I could write in a couple weeks. But they, too, are imagined to be only in the 50-60,000-word range. They’d look like they belonged alongside Winter Kills, but not Spring Rains.

Today I realized that if I separated out Victor Storm’s “victims” into separate stories, the first part of Spring Rains might be exactly the kind of fun, engaging story I wanted to write. It could work. The only problem would be: it would no longer be the story of Victor’s springtime. After many years of planning now, I’d be giving up not just the Spring Rains title, but the entire idea of my four-book, season-themed series.

That’s a big change.

But it seemed like a good idea.

The kind of exciting idea I can’t help but do.

Late at night, I made a copy of my files and tested out the changes. It works really well. I like it a lot. I love the energy and the flow. I love how the subplots are more important. I love how it is easy once again to say what the story is about and to be excited about it. I love how it will fit well with Winter Kills, and I love how easy it will be to write more great books about Victor Storm.

I haven’t decided yet, but this is probably going to happen, and soon.

My working title for the new book is Angel of Death, which is rather obvious once you know the story. The image on the Spring Rains cover isn’t from the first part of the book, so that needs to change, too. And I already did it.

Best of all, this change makes the book almost completely done. Some new scenes need to be written, some times need to be reworked, and some transitions need to be redone, but the changes mean the book can be out in hours rather than tens of hours. As in, this weekend.

What a great day.

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