WIP: Mother’s Day Re-Grounding


Services occupied the morning, and Mother’s Day activities occupied the afternoon. In the evening I ran a poker tournament, because that’s beneficial. And another day gone.

In there, however, I did spend time reexamining my goals and the work I have to do to meet them. From one angle, it looks like an intimidating amount of work. Looking at it another way, however, it’s merely a short burst of slightly more than reasonable output, for tremendous gain. I need to find a way to do it.

I also spent some time reading a book on mindset. Sometimes such things can feel like rah-rah fluff, but I have found nothing yet in this book that I disagree with. In fact, is adding up to a very helpful set of principles, together with stories that illustrate them in action. The principles align with my general minimalist preferences, so they speak to me. I know this is annoyingly detail-free, and I intend to write a full review if I still like the book when I get to the end, but right now I still want to be absorbing the material, not to be done with it.

Running poker tournaments sure sucks the energy out of a day.

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