WIP: Hardware Troubleshooting


I spent the first part of the day researching some upgrades I’m considering for my website. Namely, I’m strongly considering adding reviews to the book pages. This seems like a simple enough upgrade, but it’s actually complex. The reviews will be tied to a specific page, but should I use the page generated by the MyBookTable plugin or the native book page? Using the MyBookTable plugin page is the easiest, but it breaks the “set of books” paradigm I want for my website, plus it locks me into that plugin, which I don’t like. Also, I’m leaning toward adding the ability to sell books from my site, and a good candidate for that is the WooCommerce plugin, which I think has a built-in review system. It’s a lot to think about, but I need to do it to best add the new content I want on my website. The more work I have done and available, the more this matters, and making the wrong decision now could mean having to fix a thorny mess in the future.

I spent the second part of the day working on my computer. My workflow separates my system software and personal data files. My computer uses a collection of software almost entirely from the Debian project, and the idea is that I can use the same software on any convenient device from my laptop to a Raspberry Pi to even Tails. My data is stored encrypted on a separate, removable drive, and the idea is to be able to plug in that data to any of my systems and be productive, to make it easy to back up my files by having them cleanly separated, but also to make it hard to steal all my personal information by merely stealing my removable drive. Lately I’ve been improving the system setup on the side, but today I got stuck because one or more drives or adapters was failing, which is an important problem to solve (before you lose everything). The problem chewed up my available time, and in the end I still couldn’t find a definitive answer.

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  1. Oh,man! Hope you get it straightened out soon! You put so very much time and effort into your writing I just hate it when you have to mess with things to straighten out your website.