WIP: Daddy Day Care


Unless and until I get a system figured out for being productive with my daughter here, I should maybe change the name of this series of posts to “Child Care in Public”. Today I helped make a “movie” viewing device by cutting slots in the sides of a box and taping paper scenes together in a loop. I read stories and made them funny. I did three meals and a bath. In the background, I also watched several hours of news and YouTube videos. But something else was neglected. I wonder what it was ….

Spring Rains

 [Cover of Spring Rains: A Victor Storm Novel by T.F. Torrey] As usual, late in the evening, I worked on Spring Rains. I finished two scenes and the challenging chapter, with notes to go over them later to make sure they really make sense. This chapter has again illustrated the dangers of writing bits all over and the benefits of writing straight through in one pass.


I will get things under control. When I do, I’m thinking of framing my work as a series of challenges. The idea is to keep the work thematically interesting across projects, to allow for a variety of projects, and to connect daily, weekly, and quarterly production to business goals.

I haven’t sorted out the framework yet, but I will get it sorted out and adopt it soon. One thing I need to do is to account for failure. If you always meet your goals, they aren’t really challenges. I tend to set very challenging goals, and to miss more than I meet. It’s important to set up a structure where a series of individual failures still add up to success.

I’ll figure it out, then add it to my sidebar.

Daily Results

  • New fiction words: 350
  • Scenes completed: 2
  • Chapters completed: 1
  • Covers completed: 0
  • New weblog words: 325

In the history of the world, there has never been a better time to be a writer. And it will be even better tomorrow.