WIP: Assembly Monday


My little girl needed a proper bed and dresser, so yesterday and today I stained and assembled a bed and dresser from Ikea. If you like spending hours and hours staining, sanding, and assembling, you would love building things from Ikea. I like it, but it sure chews up the time and energy. A bonus: I had the best little girl in the whole world to help me.

Spring Rains

 [Cover of Spring Rains: A Victor Storm Novel by T.F. Torrey] Late in the evening, I did get to Spring Rains. The changes I suggested yesterday are seeming like the right idea, and overall it feels like the project is turning a corner. But it also doesn’t look like it will be released tomorrow. I’m not happy about that.

One option that seems attractive is to push back the release dates to allow finishing the books without undue pressure. That option stinks. I have many cool books to write, and I want to plan to get them done, not plan to not finish them. I’d rather work around the clock. I think I can almost do that.

Daily Results

  • New fiction words: 750
  • Chapters completed: 0
  • Covers completed: 0
  • New weblog words: 200

Deadline missing in 3 … 2 ….