WIP: Inopportune Headache


In the afternoon, I ran a poker tournament for the first time in a long time. I thought it would provide some benefits without too much intrusion, but it left me oddly exhausted. That seems to be a recurring theme of my posts.

In the evening, we went to retrieve our cat from its foster home. Poor thing seems to be suffering from dementia. He doesn’t seem to recognize us, and he is afraid of everything. He wasn’t like that before. We have no idea how old he is. When we got him from the shelter seven years ago, he was one of their “mature” cats, and they thought he was at least five, but they had no real idea. Cats sure take a lot of time when you have to watch them and make sure they don’t invent a new litter box because they can’t find the right one.

Late in the evening, I hoped to put in a good session on my projects. Unfortunately, a low-grade, persistent headache had blossomed in my skull during the day. I hardly ever get headaches, and I understand there are people who are able to work through them, but I am not one of those people. Eventually, I tried to get some rest and hoped for a better tomorrow.

Spring Rains

 [Cover of Spring Rains: A Victor Storm Novel by T.F. Torrey] One problem I’ve had with Spring Rains is that the plot seems rather straightforward and plain. However, as I was on the way to run the poker tournament, I had a sudden thought: in the story as it stands now, Victor Storm (the protagonist of the stories) has two daughters younger than ten, who are with his estranged wife, who has left Victor to return to her native North Carolina. In the book, Victor is trying to get his daughters (at least, and wife, too, if that can work) to come back to live with him, and in the end, he decides it’s too dangerous for them to be around him, and he lets them go. My new idea: what if something happened to his wife, and his daughters came to live with him? And what if they were older, old enough to figure out what he was doing, and want to help? That would certainly be different from my original vision of Victor Storm’s world, but that seems very interesting to me.

We’ll see.

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