WIP: Covered and Smothered


Today’s schedule had me with my daughter all day. I’m sure there is a way to get lots of concentration-demanding work done in the presence of a lone five-year-old little girl, but I don’t know it yet. So, instead, I worked on things that can bear interruption.


I’m soon finishing Spring Rains and moving on to a bunch of other projects soon to be revealed. Revealing a project means having a cover for it, and for two of the projects, I had none. So, I took a look at my covers again.

I disagree with pretty much all the typical advice currently being dispensed on the subject of book covers. I should probably save a full critique of that for a full essay (or, do I really need the flames?), but suffice it to say that I have some unique thoughts on the matter.

The question is: do I have the courage to act on my convictions? The easy thing to do is to simply go with the flow and spend $500 – $1000 on a cover designed by someone else. It’s harder to do something that 98% of other professionals with say is wrong, even though it doesn’t matter one tiny bit what any of them think. That’s probably an important point to remember.

I’ll decide soon, and probably on the side of courage.

In the meantime, I spent all of the morning refreshing my best ideas on covers, and I created ten or so that I love. I still feel that that is the most important thing: that a thing truly loved by its creator will feel more genuine to others than something obviously created by “professionals” to pander to a demographic. Hmm.


In the afternoon I had my regular marketing/business meeting. There, I summarized my plans for the next couple of months. It will be a lot of work, and it will test my faith in mailing list building and Facebook ads, but there is a very good chance that things will come together in a big way. It’s a very exciting test.


I need to get back to a regular schedule right away. Somehow. The work that I need to do isn’t more than I’ve done daily or weekly before, but sustaining that creative output for multiple projects over a period of weeks will be new. And it isn’t just the creative part. I need to plan and execute production and marketing tasks as well. I need lots of daily Maker time as well as Manager time, all while entertaining a five-year-old. In a few months, kindergarten will be available to keep her occupied, but for now, it’s me, and nothing I’m doing is enough to warrant neglecting her. I’ll figure something out.

  • New fiction words: 0
  • Chapters completed: 0
  • New weblog words: 125
  • Covers completed: 10

No more excuses.