WIP: As If Awakening


Today I found myself looking at my projects and my work, and I realized that I have gotten pretty far off the track of what I wanted to do, way off in the weeds of side projects and things that “are 99.99% certain to amount to nothing”. I feel like I’ve been pretty turned around.

Years ago I took a psychology class in which I saw a chart of things that can happen in your life together with the stress value of each. I remember that moving was among the most stressful events, and that cumulative stress makes people act weird. Maybe that helps to explain what happened.

I also looked at a calendar today. Some of my projects have firm time constraints, and they are coming fast. I coming up against many deadlines very soon, and I will need a focused effort to take advantage of my opportunities.

Today I also discovered Chris Fox’s 21-day novel challenge. I think I will have to do something like that to meet my goals.

There is one tiny problem, though: I have long thought that the projects I have coming up will be true breakout projects. Maybe that’s one reason why I haven’t done them yet. What if they don’t “work”? That’s a danger, and a pretty big fear.

Regardless, I started laying out a schedule tonight. It will be challenging, and there isn’t much room for error, but it can be done. Fortunately, the side projects I’ve found distracting have actually helped me with some skills that will be handy.

After reading Joe Konrath’s recent post, I’m thinking that I will commit to my schedule in a big way by setting up my projects as preorders on Amazon. That creates a hard deadline, because if you don’t meet it, you are barred from setting up a preorder again for a year (plus, everyone will laugh at you). Ouch. But when it works, it has a lot of benefits.

Also, given all this, it is almost time to take the wraps off several of my secret projects. That should be interesting.

So, I seem to be turned in the right direction again, and on the verge of a burst of work that will either finally put me over the top or break my heart (or possibly worse). I know which one I’m hoping for. I haven’t finalized the details yet, but I don’t have the luxury of time anymore. I’ll finalize my schedule, make my commitments, and get things rolling in the next few days.

Watch out world.

  • New fiction words: 250
  • Chapters completed: 0
  • New weblog words: 450

April freaking twentieth. How did that happen?