WIP: Wrapping Up


Again today I had to go across town to take care of loose ends of our big move. But I finally reached a point where the work is complete and what’s left may be minor and may be nothing at all. Wow, what a long time it’s been.


It was late at night when I turned my attention to my work. Spring Rains is looking good. When I have a few minutes to write, but not long enough to really sink in and make sure things are right, I like to fill in the easy dialogue and action parts of scenes. When I went to do that tonight, I found that almost all of those slots in Spring Rains have been filled. I need to plug in some big blocks of time and get that thing done.

After a few hundred words of that, I turned my attention to my new secret project. I hate to tease, but it sure is super cool. It would be nice if it worked out. Anyway, I will be able to complete that in only a few days once I get it fixed in its world, so I worked on that planning. Can’t wait to share it with everyone.

  • New fiction words: 500
  • Chapters completed: 0
  • New weblog words: 225

Exciting times ahead!