WIP: Ten-Year Anniversary Day


The kissTen years ago today I got married in a big Navajo wedding. A lot of people came, and it was a blast. Four years later, we learned we were going to be parents. The next year we got Elizabeth, who still owns me. Time has flown on this great adventure. It’s been truly wonderful. And I know it’s going to get even better.

Unfortunately, I spent the day doing mostly unromantic things. First I did a big job to finish the work of the recent move, then we had dinner at Greens, which we’ve heard is excellent, but it turns out is underrated. During the day, my wife posted an excellent series of anniversary haiku poems to Facebook, but because I was very occupied, and hardly check Facebook even when I’m not, I missed it until the end. Maybe there’s a moral in there somewhere.

Wanted to get some words in, but was too exhausted.

  • New fiction words: 0
  • Chapters completed: 0
  • New weblog words: 175

I’ve been very lucky.