WIP: Unveiling a Secret


It was one of those days where I felt like I was busy the whole time, but at the end of the day I could not name anything I’d accomplished.

Very late at night, I got some good work done on the new project. It looks like it will definitely exist, and soon, so here is a good time to introduce it.

Introducing Long Way Home: A Ficlet Novelette

 [Cover of Long Way Home: A Ficlet Novelette by T.F. Torrey] Last summer, when we were getting ready for our road trip, I had an idea for a story about a guy who drops everything goes on a desperate search across the country. I wasn’t sure what he was running from or to, but I had a sense of the mood: wistful desperation. I didn’t know more about it than that, however, and I didn’t have room for it on my schedule, so I set it aside.

Some time ago (I don’t remember when), I had another idea, this one of creating a novel where every scene is limited to the length of a ficlet. Ficlets.org used to be a social writing website where people wrote short stories. Each had a hard limit of 1024 characters, though they could be linked together to form longer narratives. 1024 characters works out to about 200 words. I wondered if that would be enough words to capture not just the occasional scene, but every scene.

A few weeks ago, while I was (supposed to be) writing Spring Rains, the ficlet novel idea started bothering my brain again, and when I allowed it some thought time, my idea from last summer returned and said it thought it could work with that. Somewhere along the way it had picked up a title, Long Way Home, after the Supertramp song.

The next thing I knew, I was writing scenes for the damn thing. It turned out that I could write decent scenes in only 1024 characters. Soon, I had 52 of them planned, telling a full and complicated story. 52 scenes at 200 words each amounts to 10,400 words, the length of a novelette. Sweet!

Then, Long Way Home had shoved Spring Rains aside, and here we are.

Now, it’s almost ready to present. Don’t let its short stature fool you. This is a full-featured story, with loads of settings, characters, character arcs, subplots, quirks, and resolution. It will be a quick read, and it’s been quick to write, but it’s a full and satisfying story. Supposed to be, anyway. We’ll find out soon. I’m planning to release it this coming Tuesday.

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  • New fiction words: 800
  • New weblog words: 425