WIP: Revving


In the morning, high-speed Internet service was finally installed.

This should have, literally, been as simple as reconnecting a cable in the service room, and it should have been done by the technician assigned last Saturday. Instead, he (or she, I didn’t see the person) only pretended to come here, and made a note that the line couldn’t be reconnected because it was “untagged”. That initiated a more extensive service, which was scheduled for Monday. That technician, also for unknown but easy to guess reasons, rather than coming to do the work, instead made a note that the service area was unreachable (gated) and the customer didn’t answer the phone. Given that the gate was broken and propped open on Monday, and that I was waiting for the call so I could get on with things, this was of course bad fiction. Add to that the fact that the service is “guaranteed” to take place in the two-hour block assigned, the additional fact that the technicians were no-call, no-show, and that I was left completely in the dark until I made the call to find out WTF, and that the operators on the phone made a special effort to frame the interaction so it was my fault they weren’t doing their damn jobs, and yet I was still being charged as if service had started on Friday, and I was livid.

This is why high-speed Internet providers have to pay so much for lobbyists and influence to maintain their service monopolies: their huge profits would disappear if we had a competitive free-market system instead of carefully protected monopolies.

So Tuesday morning, when a very nice and polite technician finally arrived, he had to waste the extra time and effort to troubleshoot the fictional problems the other technicians had invented to avoid doing the job. I was with him when he finally got to the original line, and yes, it was already tagged, and yes, if the first technician had showed up, it would have worked just by being plugged in.

In fairness, I can imagine that the source of the problem is not lazy and incompetent technicians, but more greed of the 1% (who own the company and keep all the profits). Probably the technicians are only given an unreasonably small unit of time to do the work, forcing them to invent problems in order to stay on schedule and not be terminated (but not fired and eligible for unemployment, because they are all “independent contractors”, free to maintain cable for a different high-speed Internet provider, if there was one). So once again, the system is rigged to make it appear that it’s another everyman who is cheating and taking the money, when in fact it’s the same tricks of the same few. Turtles, all the way down.

After the Internet service was installed, I spent most of the afternoon configuring, updating, and exploring things. It has been almost four years since we had reliable high-speed Internet, and it was fun.

In the evening, I made dinner, and we watched some videos, and late in the evening, I even got some good work done.

I think on Wednesday I’ll reveal the new book. I’m still trying to publish it this week.

  • New fiction words: 1000
  • New weblog words: 500

Better, you bet.