WIP: More Holiday, Less Moving


We went to services at UUCP in the morning. The sermon was about Easter without the resurrection. As usual, Reverend Susan Frederick Gray’s sermon was thoughtful and interesting. If I understood it correctly, the core message promoted the idea of dedicated, progressive, individual action to effect positive change, rather than simply having faith that something else will do it for you. I love the sermons that have a message of practical value for improving my life, and this was one of them.

Afterward, we went to spend time with my parents. They had an Easter basket for Elizabeth, and I liked helping her eat that. We had some food from Boston Market with them, and it was good.

In the evening, we made another trip to move some stuff from our old place to the new. We have one, two at most trips to make, and it will be done.


Very late in the evening, I got back at my new secret project, which I have officially decided to keep, and which will be revealed in the next few days. It’s still a little stuck, and it needs some focused attention, but it should be done and even published in the next few days. Pretty cool.

  • New fiction words: 200
  • New weblog words: 225

It’s all happening.