WIP: Writing In Peace


In the movie Barfly, someone suggests to Mickey Rourke’s character, a writer, that he should get some peace to do his writing, to which he says, “Nobody who ever wrote worth a damn ever wrote in peace.” I saw that movie when I was a young guy, and those words made an impression on me.

And not in a good way. Wasted lots of my time barking up the wrong tree, in fact. Embarrassing mistake.

It turns out that the notion isn’t true. Nothing helps production so much as extended periods of quiet concentration in a comfortable environment. And I’ll get there soon, but that day is not today.


We have our tickets already, and I’ve installed the app that shows the schedules and stuff. Comicon is coming soon. A little over two months, is it? Good grief! I need to get the next book (or two) in my Comicon series out before then. I am so behind schedule.

  • New fiction words: 500
  • New weblog words: 175