WIP: On The Brink


So, my current daytime productivity plans have not proven very good, and today they were even less productive. For a while we have been trying to move to downtown (actually, uptown) Phoenix. It has looked lately as though the plans were not going to come together, but all that changed again today. I got a phone call and had to drop everything to go take care of some business, but now it looks as if it will work out after all. If it does, we’ll be moving probably next week. The new place will be great, and the new life will be awesome, but in the meantime Thursday’s productivity went out the window.

  • New fiction words: 500
  • New weblog words: 150

I don’t feel bad about the day’s low productivity. We won’t find out about the new place until next week, but if we get there, it will be worth it.