Winter Kills E-Book FREE Wednesday and Thursday

 [Cover of Winter Kills: A Victor Storm Vigilante Suspense Novella by T.F. Torrey] A year ago, I had Winter Kills available on the Nook, and it was my best selling book. I have no idea what made it different there, but people bought it nearly every day.

I took Winter Kills off the Nook when I adopted an Amazon- and KDP-centric marketing model. Unfortunately, it has not been as popular on Amazon. I have no idea why. It’s just weird.

Maybe we can do something about that.

Winter Kills is free today and tomorrow at Amazon. If you haven’t read it yet, you should definitely get it now. It’s a short read, and I’m proud of how it turned out.

Although people bought and (presumably) enjoyed Winter Kills on the Nook, whatever they thought of it disappeared when it was unpublished there. Spring Rains will be out soon, and I’d like to get some reviews of Winter Kills at Amazon to build toward a good release of Spring Rains. If you could post a quick review of Winter Kills at Amazon, I’d sure be grateful.

Finally, I’m working hard to grow my mailing list for the big projects I have coming out soon. If you know someone who likes good books, it would be great if you could point them at Winter Kills and encourage them to join my list.

Thanks for your support!

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