WIP: The Best Time Ever


This is the best time in the history of the world to be someone who writes books, and I am so excited every day about all the opportunities. Today I rediscovered Amazon’s Kindle Scout program, and I think one of my current projects may be perfect for it. I would be very reticent to sign a contract with a traditional publisher, because it’s terrible, but Amazon is not a traditional publisher. Sure, I’d be giving up a percentage of the revenue, but with Amazon’s muscle working to promote the book, I have to believe that the net would be much more—and that the rising tide would lift my other books. I’m going to think about it some more, but with everything else I’ve learned and applied in the last few months, this seems like a golden opportunity. And actually, there is nothing preventing it from being the same opportunity over and over and over. All I need is words.

I have so many projects going, and so many that I need to get done right away for maximum effect. My new work flow is streamlined and awesome. I was surprised that many of my “current” projects were still in the old format, and some of that got fixed today. I actually have about six active projects, all but one of them secret. I think I should focus on one at a time, but when my brain jumps from one to the other filling in blanks, as long as it’s producing new words, why would I stop it?

Working on several different projects at the same time makes it a bit tricky to count numbers, but these are close.

  • New fiction words: 1900
  • New weblog words: 275

Need more words.