WIP: Flowable


Another birthday party today, and again I mostly took the day off, but I’m tired of beating myself up over it. Instead, I’ll note that I have gotten my workflow into a state that lets me be productive almost anywhere, which is a good thing.

Also, I’ll note that I think I’ve been struggling with writing Spring Rains because in my brain it needs to be Important. It’s supposed to Mean Something, be true in the Facts it pretends to state, and display some kind of Wisdom, maybe even Answers. Of course, that’s a tall order for a work of fiction, and it’s probably not a goal a writer can hit on purpose at all. I hope I’ll be able to let myself off those big hooks and just get the thing finished. Along those lines, I’m thinking I should change the tagline of this website. For one thing, it’s a value judgment I’m not in a good position to evaluate. For another trying to provide only things worth reading creates self-imposed pressure. Instead, I should either get rid of it (not a bad idea) or change it to a statement of effort. (For now, I’ve changed it to simply “Writer”. I can live up to that.)

  • New fiction words: 600
  • New weblog words: 175

Getting there.