WIP: More Words, Another Book


Continued my experiments with child care. As with everything else, things get better all the time. In the evening we went to a nice dinner. I was very tired afterward, took a long nap, then got some good writing done.

Writing: New Novelette

I’ve been toying with the idea of putting together a minimal book. The idea is to use my optimal structure, with a scene and a sequel for each chapter, and with each scene and sequel unit limited to 1024 characters, the length of the ficlets I used to write. I used to write ficlets all the time, and one thing I liked about the format that it forced the writing to focus on the key elements of a scene and very little else. I’ve been wondering if a book written this way might be any good, and in the evening I decided to set it up and maybe find out. After I set up the file, I looked through my idea file for something suitable, and found a story that might work. A while later, Chapter 1 was done. I don’t know if it will end up anywhere, but I’m thinking that I can work on it in little bits to keep words going when my primary project is stuck. Or maybe I can try to blast through writing one scene/sequel every ten or fifteen minutes and finish the whole thing in a day. Either way, it’s got my brain going, and it’s fun.

Writing: Spring Rains

Late in the evening I got a couple good sessions in, completing my best day in a long time. I will reveal the cover and set up a page soon. Momentum is building.

  • New fiction words: 2300
  • New weblog words: 300

Getting there.