WIP: Optimizing for Speed


Again today I tried to get things done while my parents and daughter enjoyed time together. I got some good upgrades done, but we still need to figure that out.

Again today I also had Elizabeth by myself for the evening. Lots of commotion.

Another day gone.


There have been changes to my financial situation. Things I don’t want to get into here, except to say that I think the absolute best course of action for me right now is to write, publish, repeat. As fast as possible. Not spend time and money on ads. Not dedicate only certain fixed hours to the writing process. Maximum production every day.

In light of this, I took a little time today to write some code to optimize my writing tools for speed. That sounds counterproductive, but actually it is quite an improvement to be able to press one button and get everything arranged perfectly, ready to go at my fingertips.

Writing: Spring Rains

The day was actually rather full of little dramas I don’t want to get into here. Ultimately, I was able focus some good time on Spring Rains late at night. I’m not sure it is any good, but I did complete the scenes to finish Part 1.

  • New fiction words: 1200
  • New weblog words: 200

More and better tomorrow.