WIP: New Phase


We’ve entered a new phase, post-preschool but pre-kindergarten. New challenges. New opportunities.

The Day

Yesterday we went to a chain pizza restaurant for a five-year-old’s birthday party. Today we awoke to find my daughter with one eye crusty, itchy, and pink. Coincidence? Maybe.

So, that’s what happened to the morning.

In the afternoon, we experimented with spending time with the grandparents. The idea was that they would get some cross-generational bonding, and I would have time to work. The first part of that worked well (it always does; my mom has no shortage of cool things to do, and my dad is such a good sport), but I didn’t get focused attention time for writing. It was still good for our first attempt, though, and we’ll get better. Someday I will miss having her interrupting me. Nonetheless, I did get some good business done, including my Monday planning and upgrading my book display plugin.

In the evening, we had to help a family member in a tough spot. We went to dinner to talk about things, and in the course of that I vowed never to eat pancakes again. Seriously.

So, goodbye evening, goodbye Monday.

Late at night, I finally got to do some writing on Spring Rains. I think I will reveal the cover soon, to jazz up these posts. And hopefully to publish soon. Damn it.

  • New fiction words: 375
  • New weblog words: 500

I’ll take it.