WIP: Spring Rains Breakthough


For the first time, all the pieces are in place for Spring Rains.

Writing: Spring Rains

Spring Rains has four bad guys in it. I have never had a real good grasp of what exactly was the nature of their badness, however, which was a stopper in several parts of the book. Today I was able to sort out the crimes of the bad guys. This is a significant breakthrough, as it leaves only the writing part of writing to finish the book. Unfortunately, most of the writing I did today was private character development stuff, and I didn’t get many words done toward the end of the book. At least the needle is moving in the right direction again, but I need to get back to pulp speed.


I didn’t publish anything new today, but I did reassess my wriitng speed and figure that I should be able to publish one book (in either ebook or paper format) a week until everything is out in all formats. I think that’s a good plan, and if I still do in a few days, then that will be the good plan I’m doing.

  • Fiction new words: 600
  • Weblog new words: 200
  • Covers designed: 0

Things are picking up.