The Crazy Jack 99 Cents Wednesday Thru Tuesday

 [Cover of The Crazy Jack: A Jack Trexlor Novel by T.F. Torrey] When I was planning The Desert King, I decided to make the protagonist a guy I had developed for a different story, Jack Trexlor. Later, when I started writing the story that became The Dancing Queen, I let Jack in that one as well. However, when I was at the end of The Dancing Queen, I thought that I should probably go back and write that first Jack Trexlor story before continuing. I wanted to make sure that something big and obvious had not happened earlier that would be glaring in its omission if I didn’t mention it in The Dancing Queen. So, that’s how The Crazy Jack came to be written after The Dancing Queen, but published before it.

As it turned out, writing The Crazy Jack before finalizing The Dancing Queen was a good idea. Some ends left loose at the end of The Crazy Jack get tied off at the end of The Dancing Queen, and Jack’s motorcycle in The Dancing Queen gets foreshadowed in The Crazy Jack. I’m happy with how the stories neatly fit together, and the series will be even better with the addition of The Stolen Four, The Tonto Ten, and The Final Five, possibly later this year.

For the rest of this week, The Crazy Jack is discounted to 99 cents at Amazon. Though I’m happy with the story and how it turned out, be warned that it is brooding and very dark.

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Also, if you read the book, please leave a brief review at Amazon. It looks like Amazon’s overaggressive review purge left The Crazy Jack with no reviews. That won’t do. People have a hard time trusting books without reviews, and most promotion websites won’t even list a book with no reviews. Posting a few (or more) reviews would be very helpful, and I’d genuinely appreciate it.