WIP: Accounting and Taxes Breakthrough


I can hardly think of a less appealing headline, but here we are. Anyway, good news. After spending Saturday fruitlessly searching for a solution, I stumbled on one early Sunday one. Almost literally stumbled. Doing a Google search I have done many times before (“accounting spreadsheet), yet hoping for something new this time, I discovered www.basicaccountinghelp.com. What a breakthrough! The woman who runs the site, Vickey Boatright, has put together a simple accounting spreadsheet that is perfect for my simple needs. What a great help! I will need to send her a nice thank-you.

I spent the morning exploring her website and making sure her solution would work, then I began to adopt it.

In the afternoon we went to spend time with my parents. I had hoped that I would get some work done there, but no such luck. We wound up staying through the Academy Awards, and so there went the day.

All in all, I think it was a breakthrough day. Tomorrow I should be able to finally get my finances in order and get back to the task at hand, which is writing good books.