WIP: Upgrades Looking Good


As usual, when it came time to make the changes I’ve been planning, I became mired in self-doubt. I was eventually able to push through it. Between that and things always taking longer than they seem like they will, it was a long day. In the end, however, things were looking good.

Writing: Spring Rains

I couldn’t seem to get traction on the writing part of writing today. The business part was large, so I worked on it early to make sure I wouldn’t run out of time on it, then it ate most of the day. I’m hopeful that the upgrades/changes/improvements are almost complete, and I can devote 90% of my time to the writing part of writing.

Business: Planning promotions, changing covers

It was Wednesday, and still without a promotion, and that had to be fixed. It took some time, but I worked out a new strategy and schedule of promotions to fit my current and planned projects. My new website framework makes it easier than ever to execute those plans. More work will have to be done, but I was able to get enough planned to figure out the necessary order of execution for the cover changes. That part took a bit longer, required some more changes to the code I use for generating epubs to upload to Amazon, and some new thinking about publishing names. Finally, late at night, I finished my work. The new covers are installed on my site, and they look great, and the new covers should go live on Amazon in a few hours. A very productive day.

Total for the day

  • Fiction words today: 400
  • Weblog words today: 300
  • Covers designed today: 0