WIP: Feeling Momentum


The better it gets, the better it gets. The more things are improved, the more the things that are not improved look like they need improvement. The more of them are improved, the shabbier the unimproved look. And so it continues.

Writing: Spring Rains

I got in productive sessions both early in the day and in the afternoon. This book has been filling up throughout the chapters as I discover bits of it, which means that all of it has some scenes more or less done and a lot of scenes with only some good parts completed. Today I spent much of my time writing the connecting bits of the scenes in the chapters of part one. That work goes a little slower than just picking an empty scene and writing words, but it results in something that looks finished, and sometimes it’s the right thing to do. I made some good progress.

Business: Publishing day, and covers again

Tuesdays are designated publishing days. I took the time to review yesterday’s cover work, and I decided that it was very good, and the only part that needs to be released right away (the cover of Winter Kills) is perfect. I also decided that my next promotions should giveaways of free books. But … with the release of Spring Rains coming soon, how can I best do that? Hmm.

Also in the consideration is the idea that I should use free days to push the Trexlor books, given that many people joined my list when The Desert King was free. I need to bulk up my reviews of those books, and maybe I could make that work.

However, when I looked at the Trexlor book pages to consider my strategy, what hit me most is that I am not happy with the covers. They look good if you know what they are and you see them up close, but if they are small and you don’t know then they are a muddy mess. Also, compared to my Outliers covers and my new Crusader covers, they look a generation behind. I decided to look at some test covers I made for them a while back. At the time, I didn’t like how different they were from the rest of the collection (my “brand”). This time, however, they look pretty close to perfect. Given how much the Outliers covers have grown on me, I’m sure that these covers will not only be “good enough” for a few years, they will also take the appearance of my whole collection to the next level. The upgrade is so big and so obvious that I can’t not do it.

And, with these books about to have free promotions, it needs to be done right now.

So, after I get the order sorted out, that will be my work for the next few days. New covers for Winter Kills and the Trexlor books, and a schedule of free promotions with a push for more reviews. And print editions, too, if the proofs look good.

Lots of work. Lots of fun.

Total for the day

  • Fiction words today: 1100
  • Weblog words today: 525
  • Covers designed today: 1