WIP: Turning A Corner


It’s springtime here in Arizona. The weather is beautiful, but it feels as though everything is picking up speed. My work feels more urgent than ever before. However, whereas in the past I’ve always felt as though I was unprepared, I now feel like everything is finally in place.

Writing: Spring Rains

I got in some good writing both early and late. This book is really coming together, and the writing is picking up speed. A few pulp-speed days and I’ll have it done. Hopefully this week.

Business: Covers

Mondays are supposed to be for review and planning. However, my new website has made me want to amp up my covers, and as I’m getting closer to finishing Spring Rains, I’m more unhappy with the Victor Storm covers. A while ago I had a rather plain cover for Winter Kills, and it was selling well. Since I “upgraded” the cover about a year ago, sales have fallen off. I can’t simply go back to the old cover, because it is painfully ugly. However, I’ve been meaning to find a way to make new covers with the flavor of the old ones. Today I had a good idea, and two hours later I had new covers for all the Victor Storm book-length stuff. I think they’re fantastic, but I want to let them stew in my brain for a few days before I make a decision.

Despite all this, I did get my review and planning done. Everything is on track.

Total for the day

  • Fiction words today: 1550
  • Weblog words today: 250
  • Covers designed today: 4