Writing In Public: Day 19

Friday, February 19: Upgrades continued

Again today I used the main part of my time for doing the important business of the day. I fully recognize that I need to stop doing that. Hopefully, after today’s breakthroughs, I will be able to.

Business: Upgrades: New them, old plugin

Again today upgrades took up most of my time. It started by accident, when I lamented, as I have often done, that the them of my website didn’t seem quite right. Without much real hope of finding a good solution (I knew what I wanted, but repeated searches for just that in the past have turned up nothing), I did a quick search of WordPress themes that meet my criteria, looked at the couple new ones at the top, then scrolled way down to perhaps see one I hadn’t seen before. To my surprise, I noticed the Catch Box theme, and when I checked it out, I found that works for me perfectly. Wow!. So, that captured a few hours, but in the end, I got the visual upgrade I’ve been looking for for several months. I’ll take it!

Then, late in the evening, I activated and checked out the MyBookTable plugin for WordPress. I looked at it before, and while it would have made some things easier, it made other things I wanted to do difficult, awkward, ugly, or impossible. I wanted to see if, between the recent upgrades to both the plugin and my recent simplifications, it might make my work easier, prettier, or both. I expected I would only need a quick look to dismiss it again, but to my shock, it looked like it would work. I noticed that one annoying bug had been fixed to enable the content I want, and everything now just seemed to fit into it. Even better, some things I have not had time to implement, and would be troublesome to process manually, would be easy or trivial with it. Cool! The investigation wound up taking four hours, but I think I will be adopting it in the morning, and it should allow me to do several things that I can’t currently do, make several things I want to do easier, and make everything prettier and more consistent. Awesome!

Writing: Spring Rains

Once again, the upgrades got in the way of the real work. I’m not happy about that, and I recognize it as a real problem, but I’m hoping that, this time, the upgrades will result in a system that I’m happy with, and my focus can finally be where it should be: on creating new content.

It also did not help my word count that today’s work intermeshed with yesterday’s, which meant some rewriting and slowed things down. Also, late at night I fired up Emacs to go back to work, but something was wrong with my computer and it literally did not display. I’m sure I can get things straightened out, but it will have to wait for Saturday.

Total for the day:

  • Fiction words today: 500
  • Weblog words today: 525

I’m not happy with the word count, but I’m ecstatic with the new theme and plugin.