Writing In Public: Day 18

Thursday, February 18: Simplicity unleashed

Today I used the main part of my time for doing the important business of the day, because it wasn’t something I could stop in the middle of. To be honest, I would have rather been plowing forward with Spring Rains, but I needed to get the business side back on track.

Business: Upgrade: Addition by subtraction

Today I went live with the upgrades I’ve been planning.

The first of these was changing the list bonus book to Bibliomania, which sure looks good. Doing that exposed a flaw in my list promotion design: I had different calls to action for different situations in my book matter, so changing the list bonus meant not only changing all those books, but also dealing with people who already downloaded the books now showing the obsolete offers. The offers do say “limited time”, but that isn’t making anyone happy. After many iterations of copywriting today, I finally came up with one call to action that works for all situations, so it will stay valid no matter what the list bonus is, or even if there isn’t one.

The second upgrade was to eliminate the “status” headline and section from each book page. Those used to announce production status and promotions on the book pages. However, weekly promotions and frequent new releases meant multiple updates every week. The frequent changes meant that the status content wound up feeling and looking messy, and it was always a big source of typos. The new plan shows weblog items related to the book in the status space, so promotion news will be conveyed that way. This keeps the dynamic content in the weblog posts, and that’s a good system.

It took, as always, much longer than I planned to get these changes in place. I still need to republish the books with the updated call-to-action pages, but the website is looking good now.

Writing: Spring Rains

Because I pushed the writing back to make room for the overhaul, I didn’t get to the writing part of my writing until well after midnight. Then, however, I had fun writing about a philosophical discussion. I wanted to keep going, but I decided I’d better get some sleep.

Total for the day:

  • Fiction words today: 500
  • Weblog words today: 375

I’m happy.