Writing In Public: Day 17

Wednesday, February 17: New schedule

Today I’m making a shot at my power formula: Eye opener, morning routine, daily words, lunch, daily business, daily exercise, dinner, evening routine, nightcap. Hopefully with any needed boost to both words and publishing in there somewhere.

Writing: Spring Rains

It was a great day for Spring Rains. All the players finally felt like independent people, and all I had to do was watch them and write down what they were doing. The text had a lot of content that was wrong, where I was still trying to figure things out, and I got that sorted out today as well. I’m very happy with the current state of the book. It feels like it is flowing easily to the end now, and I finally feel like it is within my grasp. After I get my current business caught up, I am going to apply myself around-the-clock to this until it is done.

Business: Trigger, meet finger

Several months ago I read advice to make a book free as a gift for joining one’s mailing list. That seemed like a good idea, so I did it. After a couple months, I reconsidered the flow of a person new to reading my work, and I decided a different book would work better free. This exposed some problems with my general publishing system, structural decisions about my book and website content that made upgrades, reissues, and even ordinary promotions much more work than they had to be. For weeks I’ve been working on a new plan for the list bonus material, and today I decided to pull the trigger on that plan. In doing so, I came up against the content plan issues, and I had a breakthrough revelation there as well. There is no need to go into the details here, but the end result is to change some of the end matter of my books (as they are periodically updated, not all at once right now) and to change some of the way they are presented on my website (all at once). Executing that plan turned out to be more work than I could finish in the time I had, but it will certainly be completed this week. The improvements are so big and useful, I wonder why I didn’t notice them before.

In the end, I mostly stuck to my new schedule. My evening plans were knocked a little bit off the rails by the celebration of some good news for my wife, but I’ll take that.

Total for the day:

  • Fiction words today: 1000
  • Weblog words today: 430

I’m happy with the trend.