Writing In Public: Day 16

Tuesday, February 16: Busy day

Another good day. Not as much done as I hoped, then a movie.

Business: Tools, reports, renewal

Early in the day I got sucked into improving my writing tool. Hopefully I will be ready to share that soon.

Later in the day I spent too much time generating an a set of accounting reports that I needed. Small business accounting is annoying.

Finally I worked toward implementing my new permafree, mailing list offer, and weekly promo plan. I intended to work through the night until it was done, but I was too tired. I’ve been doing that a lot lately, and sometimes you just have to catch up on rest.

Writing: Spring Rains

Work continued on the split scenes and others. It felt like the right thing to do, and it went rather well. I’m always worried when words flow easily that maybe it’s because they aren’t challenging and interesting enough. That would be a helpful belief to let go. It would be better to replace that limiting belief with “writing is easy and fun for me.”

The jumbled scene parts are still tricking my word counts. I think these are close, but it doesn’t matter anyway. The counts are way too low. But they’re better than zero, and I think they’re getting better.

  • Fiction words today: 600
  • Weblog words today: 300

In the evening we went to see The Princess Bride at the theater. That was a fun movie, and the theater was surprisingly very full. The biggest cheer was when Inigo Montoya finally got his revenge. I want my little girl to be a self-rescuing princess, but that movie does not support that theme.