Writing In Public: Day 15

Monday, February 15: Busy day

Head down, working all day. On the brink of finally getting everything under control and doing some really cool things. Enjoying the process.

Business: Review, catch up, taxes

I kicked off my business of the day by making a list of the remaining things I need to finish the changes to my permafree and list offers. Then I made good progress on these things, and though I didn’t quite finish them today, I expect to have them complete on Tuesday.

The quagmire of the day, however, was accounting and taxes. I decided to give WaveApp.com a try, and getting that going took way longer than it should have, just waiting for the Internet connections. Next I tried to get one of the reports I need completed, only to find out that some things are being reported to me in the most complicated way possible. That was frustrating.

Nonetheless, it was a good business day.

Writing: Spring Rains and more

Some of my scenes in Spring Rains today grew and split into two parts today. It was messy and awkward, and it still isn’t done, and by the time I was done I wasn’t sure I was doing the right thing.

I also started moving forward on the four other secret projects that are coming next. These are fun, and I think they will come together fast. As soon as I have my marketing cleaned up, I’m going to ramp up my hours on these projects. The potential is so great that it warrants working around the clock. Seriously.

Today’s work still has extra copies in the way, complicating my word counts, but I think these are close.

  • Fiction words today: 600
  • Weblog words today: 300

Eye opener, morning routine, daily words, lunch, daily business, daily exercise, dinner, evening routine, nightcap. That’s my ticket to ride, right there. Solid gold.