Writing In Public: Day 14

Sunday, February 14: Rest, reflection, all that

I wound up spending most of the day with my parents, catching up on stuff and letting Elizabeth have fun with them. I have dreams sometimes of putting in long hours every day of the week, but that didn’t happen today. Is that a good thing?

Business: More reviews

For some reason, I had the idea that a different cover design might work better. I don’t remember why. Regardless, I looked into it this morning and found that the design I am currently using is still my favorite by far. That’s nice; it saves me time. Also, I made what I think is the last decision about the print edition, so … you know how the rest of that sentence goes. 🙂

Writing: Spring Rains

In the end, I did not spend much time working on Spring Rains today, but I did begin to restructure a couple scenes in the way that happens every time I write a book. What happened is that I realized I had crammed too much into one scene, and I could improve the story by putting part of the action in one scene and the rest in a later one. Works for me. After that, I drafted some new words until I got too tired, and here I am.

  • Fiction words today: 300
  • Weblog words today: 300

I think I will have the big breakthrough I’ve been waiting for this week. I’m going to make a new effort do get into the habit of starting each day with an “eye-opener” writing session, doing a big block of writing before noon, and doing a “nightcap” writing session before going back to sleep. I think this will prove to be the most productive schedule, if I can just form the habit.

And if I can, I think I’m on the verge of producing a new book a week. That sure would be cool.