Writing In Public: Day 12

Friday, February 12: Struggle

Did you ever have one of those days where you got to the end, realized you had virtually nothing done, and wondered what the hell happened? That’s me today.

Business: Security and Upgrades

I was trying to adjust my organization and backup system so that my files are equally protected from prying eyes, mechanical failure, and accidental loss. The only thing more important is actually getting work done, but somehow that didn’t happen.

In the afternoon I made it to my regular meeting to talk with another entrepreneur about best practices for operating our businesses. When we were done, I felt that was productive, but ultimately I think the biggest problem is getting more words done.

Writing: Spring Rains

This stretch has become very difficult. With so many pieces already written, but scattered throughout the book, filling in the blanks is a tricky because I have to balance between bridging the words that are already there and recognizing that some of those pieces no longer represent what I think the story is. Ultimately, progress was slow and disappointing.

  • Fiction words today: 300
  • Weblog words today: 200

Hopefully I’m done messing around and I can focus my time and energy on words. Feeling stuck has happened a lot in the past, and the answer is always the same: sit down, work on it, and things will work out. It’s very easy, but tantalizingly hard.