Writing In Public: Day 10

Wednesday, February 10: Good day, except for the problems

On the bright side, I don’t seem to be ill, so I must have just been a victim of bad pizza. On the dark side, my computer is having issues—and costing me time.

Business: Completing the transition

I worked on the files that need to be updated for the new list incentive. I hoped to get the transition done, but first I was having too much fun working on Spring Rains (see below) and I didn’t want to ruin my flow, then later my computer was having weird issues and wouldn’t work for an hour. In the end, it’s less work than I thought it was, but it will have to be finished tomorrow. Have to be.

Writing: Spring Rains

Yesterday felt like things breaking free, and today felt like a turning point. I had reached a point where I wasn’t comfortable adding new words because I wasn’t sure what the story was, so I set about considering the pieces I had written to see how they could be arranged into a story that flowed and interested and didn’t drag and all that. The result was an set of scenes that work for the first part of the book. Even better, I have most, and maybe all, of the scenes for the last part of the book sketched out in order. Most of the middle is figured out, too, though in some places I’m still not sure what happens.

This is a great milestone. What’s left is to write the missing scenes, to let those show me what’s missing from the middle, and to write that as well. I can see the end from here.

Unfortunately for my tallies, all that figuring things out did not contribute much to the word counts. I tried to get into it late at night, but I was too tired.

  • Fiction words today: 300
  • Weblog words today: 325

Finally, after years on the back burner, it’s almost here.